The Old Mill / Perth

For many years progressive movement and cracking had occurred to the upper corner stonework of the Old Mill Building, resulting in unsightly repair with inappropriate materials inducing spalling damage to the adjacent stonework and curvature at eaves level.

The hotel owners in conjunction with the local Historical Authority agreed to progress conservation work and survey investigations were commenced in 2008.

The roof structure is timber double pitched 'A' frames seated onto the walls over the side windows with solid stone end gables. Various defects in the 'A' frames, including timber decay, modern replacement with nailed joints and poor alterations, had allowed long term progressive outward spread of the 'A' frame supports and consequential displacement of stonework at corners.

An approved scheme was developed to stabilize the roof timbers and Ivor Parnham Building Services were appointed to work with the design team to install steel ties within the roof void together with specialised fittings screwed to the timber members.

Extensive stonework repairs then proceeded by rebuilding the displaced corners and overall cleaning and re-pointing in heritage approved materials.