Testing & Sampling

The various onsite tests that we carry out include half-cell tests, depth of carbonation testing, crack width monitoring, depth of cover and pull out testing.

We also collect core samples from concrete, masonry and stone for analysis, take wall tie samples for corrosion testing and dust samples for various chemical analysis tests.

As well as taking core samples, we can use our Diamond Coring Rigs to carry out stitch drilling and breach forming.

Non Destructive Testing

Ivor Parnham Building Services Ltd are experienced in numerous forms of non-destructive testing for concrete structures.

We offer and are highly skilled and experienced in using the “Hilti” Ferroscan FS10, which is a portable electromagnetic scanning device, which identifies the arrangement and position of bar reinforcement, the depth of cover and the indicative bar diameter.

We also carry out cover meter and brick tie surveys

Testing & Sampling projects:

The Old Mill

For many years progressive movement and cracking had occurred to the upper corner stonework of the Old Mill Building, resulting in unsightly repair…

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