Structural Repairs

Ivor Parnham Building Services Ltd are experienced and specialise in various forms of structural repair techniques which are often urgently required on a property or structure to bring it up to the required health and safety standards or simply just to make it safe for members of the public.

We have carried out structural repairs on many different types of properties and structures.

These works can often follow on from in-depth structural investigations, carried out in conjunction with a structural engineer. Structural repairs are often required for a great many reasons and these may include:

  • Ground movement. 
  • Inadequately restrained walls.
  • Movement due to water ingress and/or timber decay.
  • Failed lintels or building materials.
  • Movement fatigue.
  • Mechanical impact.

Some of the repair techniques that we can carry out may include the use of:

  • Structural wall ties and restrains.
  • Embedded wall stitching.
  • Strapping.
  • Structural pinning.
  • Resin bonding or resin beam repairs.

Structural Repairs projects:

Albany House

Ivor Parnham have recently undertaken the refurbishment works at Albany House, Birmingham. The Office building which is owned and operated by RVB…

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The Old Mill

For many years progressive movement and cracking had occurred to the upper corner stonework of the Old Mill Building, resulting in unsightly repair…

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London Heathrow Hotel

In 2007 serious sagging failure was found in some of the precast concrete slab units over the plantroom roof at London-Heathrow hotel. Further…

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Queens Hotel

In February 2007 movement occurred in some stone steps of the main Heritage Staircase at the Queens Hotel Cheltenham and specialist contractors Ivor…

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